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July 15, 2019by uniqcoach

If you have to do Just one thing in this year, then we recommend you should Hire a Coach. Have listed all the questions that Executives and People have about Why should they hire a coach, whether its beneficial, When should they hire one, How to choose the right coach? and much more.

This article throws light on all these questions.

1.When does one need coaching? Why do you choose to get Coached?

When one feels the need to bring about change in certain areas of their personal, professional or social life, and despite multiple attempts and trying various methods to bring about that change, they fail, that’s when one should choose to hire a coach.

The desire and willingness have to be strong enough to feel this need.

If bringing this change is not a priority, and people are happy with their way life is going, then there no need to undergo coaching.


2.How do you know which area you need coaching on? 

Ask for a complimentary session with one of the certified and trust worthy coaches whom you have identified and that can give you a good clarity.

Post that it’s your decision to go ahead or not. There are no obligations.

According to me, this question is best answered by having one session to identify your priorities and pain points.

3.Why is coaching best for self-aware and high potentials? why can’t they solve their problems/ weaknesses on their own? what stops them? how does COACHING benefit them?

This is the most asked question and an obvious one. Before I could answer, reflect and answer yourself the following questions:

Why would Roger Federer, Raffle Nadal, Ronaldo, Messi, Bill gates, Saina Nehwal, hire a coach, when they are already the best at what they do?

Why do even world class teams of different sports have a coach?

The self- aware and high potential people have a constant desire to re-invent themselves. They know that the only constant is change, and the day they stop re-inventing themselves or feel that they do not need any help to further enhance their skills, thinking or behavior, they are inviting danger to their profession and career.

They also know a secret which most of us are aware of, but we don’t act on that. The secret is that they are conscious that, everyone has some blind-spots. Only a coach who is good at observation, honest in giving feedback, understands and empathises their current situation, has a belief in them, and whom they can trust, can help them unleash those blind-spots and bring the best out of them.

They know this world is interdependent and there is always a scope of improvement. They only approach a coach when they have tried all the tricks in their box and the situation is still not improving.

There always comes a point, where all of us feel stuck in a particular situation. We just don’t know how to move forward from that point, despite all our efforts. For everyone, this situation is different. It could be in any area of life. Even a coach needs a coach.

4.If the coaching is going to help self-aware people, is it going to help them overcome their weaknesses or enhance their strengths?

The simple answer is both are possible.Another answer is what is it that THEY want to concentrate on. The adage, “what you focus on, grows” holds true here.

5. Coaching only for successful, self- aware people or can it help in any situation?

Coaching can help in any situation. The more people are self-aware and the more the burning desire to change, the better it works.

6.Why is coaching not for demotivated and the depressed? What’s the point in coaching high performers when the real need is for poor performers and demotivated people?

My definition of demotivated and depressed people is, they have decided that, their sufferings are because of some one else or because of external situations and conditions. They are not willing to take responsibility and ownership of their situation.

In fact, they feel, they have tried everything and that’s it. Nothing is going to work. They are looking for people who will agree with them and not for people who will challenge their beliefs. They feel they are victimized. My suggestion for these people, is they should undergo counselling and take help from a qualified counselor if they wish to change their situation.

However, at any given point in time, they feel, they can change and are ready to challenge their beliefs and have that burning desire to make things happen, ready to take ownership and accountability of the choices that they have made in past, then definitely even they can consider coaching.

7.Why does the coach not give solutions?

Coaching works on the underlying belief that all of us have answers to our problems, BUT WE NEED TO BE READY TO FIND THOSE OUT AND TAKE ACTION.

Brain research has proven that EVERY BRAIN IS DIFFERENT AND WIRED DIFFERENTLY. Hence, a particular insight or suggestion may work for one person and may not work for another person, even though they may have the same problem.

In my coaching sessions, one common goal that people had was setting their priorities. Believe me, each one of them had different beliefs, different actions and different thinking around that goal and each of those ideas that THEY CAME OUT WITH worked well for them.

Coach at times gives suggestions, but that may be just 5% to 10% of the time, and that too he leaves it to the coachee to take those or not, because finally, it’s the coachee’s life and he knows exactly what will work and what will not.

8.How is coaching different from mentoring and counselling?

Coaching is for a definite period and has a particular goal to be achieved in a certain time frame. Coaching works best, when the coach is not aware about the coachee’s background. The more unaware the coach is about the background, the more effectively it works, since there are no pre-conceived notions, no judgement

Mentors are those who already have knowledge in a particular area and work with those who want to improve in that same area or expertise. Its like a teacher and student relationship to a certain extent.

Counselling is more about people who are not willing to think on their own and they are only looking for answers from someone. They have given up on themselves and they do not wish to think for themselves. They clearly need guidance from someone who can help them come out of this situation by giving suggestions and also at times through medication (in extreme situations and not every time)

9.How to choose or identify a good coach?

Look for the following factors when approaching a Coach:

1.    Check for Accreditation and Qualifications of a coach

2.    How many years they been coaching?

3.    Testimonials available on website

4.    How varied is the experience?

5.    Have they been referred to you by someone?

6.    Those who have referred, what measurable, sustainable and positive change have they seen in their life

7.    Speak to the coach to understand why he / she is in this profession, what’s their purpose. Ask them all your doubts and why you want to be coached on. You can gauge through that conversation, whether you want to hire him as your coach or not.

8.    Most coaches offer 1st session as complimentary for you to understand and make a decision. You can consider that as well.

10. How to approach a coach?

1.    Be genuine and transparent when you approach a coach. Be clear that you are not hiring him and are only inquiring about the services.

2.    Remove all apprehensions that undergoing coaching is a “taboo”.

We have an excellent Cohort of Coaches on LinkedIn, go ahead and ask for a one-hour complimentary session. Then decide for yourself. Experience this Experience at least once in your lifetime and we guarantee the time you spend after this will be worth it

Prasad Palav

prasad palav I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and NBFC’s Industries. My passion for developing and flourishing people and seeing them grow, drove me towards becoming a Leadership and Executive Coach. My field of vision is to make every human being in the world realize their potential that they have within and empower them to lead a happy and successful life.

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Prasad Palav

prasad palav I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and NBFC’s Industries.

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