What is Coaching?

International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

To me, Coaching is an ability to listen to the other person, as a whole being, without judging, to help them maximize their potential, and in that process, enable them with new thinking, new beliefs and new habits, to reach their desired destinations and find their true purpose.

Coaching is believing that everyone has the power within them to change and improve.

My Experience

I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and NBFC’s Industries.

My passion for developing and flourishing people and seeing them grow, drove me towards becoming a Leadership and Executive Coach. My field of vision is to make every human being in the world realize their potential that they have within and empower them to lead a happy and successful life.

In my 19 years of corporate experience, I was primarily responsible for creating strategies to drive growth and manage service delivery operations across Rural and Urban India. Creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform for ASEAN, MEPA and AME region which was being used by more than 5000+ users. This involved leading the Technology and Business teams across all the locations.

I have a proven track record of leading large teams across multiple locations and enhancing performance of customer experience teams located remotely by implementing insightful approaches as well as proactive policies and procedures.

Expert in creating a vision, identifying opportunities, creating high-quality services, delivering strong revenues and profits, and positioning businesses for sustainable global growth. Experienced in building businesses and COEs right from scratch and scaling up across locations.

I have been fortunate to manage group level projects for South Asia, MEPA and AME regions. Proven success in introducing standards, outsourced models, and operational best practices that have reduced operating expenses, improved quality, and increased productivity and overall market share.


Empowering Leaders and Managers to believe in possessing crazy and out of one’s hand
dreams. And achieving those dreams by retaining a balance in the personal and professional
This can be conquered through solution-focused conversations and partnering in their success
and happiness.


Would like to reach out to every human being and make them aware about how coaching can
change their lives— if only they really want to!

The bigger purpose is to train aspiring coaches and spread the same motive and objective to
as many people as we can.

Everyone needs to understand how important it is to have a support mechanism when they
are stuck and unable to move forward in important areas of their life. One must become
aware that we all have some blind spots, and when they become visible, it’s an enlightenment
to lead our lives with new beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Many people are either successful or happy, but very few are able to achieve both. Coaching
is one of the disciplines which can help people achieve both without a trade-off.

My Story

Year 2010

It started in 2010, when I had received a bad performance appraisal for the first time in a decade. This shook me enough to reflect on where I was going wrong and why suddenly am I being looked upon as a leader, who is not performing well, after 10 years of valued experience in leading driven teams.

Being an avid reader, I came across this wonderful book named “Go Put Your Strengths to Work” – By Marcus Buckingham, founder of the world-famous organization Gallup.

It helped me realize that my strengths are in Facilitating, Training, One-on-one Feedback and Coaching. I was performing my best when doing these tasks.

Year 2014

In 2014, while heading an Organization’s Customer Service Team, I was assigned an Executive Coach. This was a turning point of my life. Being Coached by an Experienced and Certified Executive coach, made a significant difference to my overall skills, competencies as well as my character and further strengthened my resolve to move ahead in this career.

After getting certified as a Coach I realized, that this has always been my calling. And that is when I decided to build my career in this field.

Year 2019

In 2019, I took the most courageous decision of my life. Quitting a very highly paid job in Singapore with a Multinational Bank, and I decided to move back to India and pursue my passion in full-time coaching. I wanted to spread awareness across the world.

Hence, my vision and mission are to make every possible person on Earth aware about this discipline and help them experience coaching at least once in a lifetime.

Complimentary 1 Hour Discovery session

I guarantee it will be a life-changing experience for you


PPalav ICF-SCC Wallmount Certificate
Prasad Palav – CODC Certificate
Coaching certificate NLI
Enneagram Certificate
Prasad Palav

prasad palav I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and NBFC’s Industries.

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