Organization Development Coaching

For Organizations Interested in
  • Revamping, Changing or Overhauling their culture to remain relevant in their Industry
  • Turning around their companies from a poor performance to great performance
  • Improve Employee Engagement, Employee Retention,
  • Improving their Brand Image Internally as well as Externally
  • Areas of Coaching
  • Methodology
Turnaround Organization Performance
Revamping Organization Culture
Creating Leadership Pipeline
Transforming Employee Engagement
Improving Employee Retention
Improving Brand Image Externally and Internally
Creating Organizational Values
Improving Organizational Productivity and Processes
Methodology Organization Development Coaching
Pre-Work Meeting CEO/COO -Understand Purpose of Engagement & Objective of OD Intervention
1st Month Clarifying Vision/Purpose
SMART Goal Setting
Identifying Team members
2nd Month Preparation of Employee Survey
Conducting Employee Survey
3rd to 5th Month 1.Analysing Survey Results
2.Strategy and Action Plan based on analysis
3.Who will be doing what and by when
4.Weekly/Fortnightly reviews with the OD team and sponsors
6th Month 1.Ensuring success against the goals identified
2.Acknowledgement and closure
Number of months can Increase or decrease depending on the scope of OD and hence the Milestones and Tasks may change accordingly

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      Prasad Palav

      prasad palav I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and NBFC’s Industries.

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